The GeoSpock platform

Creating location intelligence for the rapidly changing maritime world

We offer a unique data indexing platform that enables extreme data volumes to be explored and presented in seconds. Through visual analytics as well as API and query access to your raw geospatial data, GeoSpock empowers businesses to maximise the value of their assets.

Whether you are tracking the location of commodities in transit to better estimate daily pricing, measuring environmental impact of illegal bilge dumping or enhancing first responding for search & rescue missions, the GeoSpock platform can unlock hidden value of data that helps you to make more informed decisions.

We are uniquely different. Our four key differentiators are unlimited capacity for SCALE, super-fast SPEED of response no matter how large the dataset, BETTER insights since we analyse all your data not just an aggregated set, and lower COST because we run on commodity hardware.

Let us help solve your data challenges. Drop us a note below and we will get back to you.

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