David Brown

VP Smart City & Urban Innovation

David is a data-driven digital marketing professional with a passion for start-ups and scale-ups. A customer care specialist with a background in web analytics and enterprise account management, he has more than 15 years’ experience building profitable customer and professional services teams. At GeoSpock, David drives customer success initiatives, while developing and managing the company communications efforts.

Based on knowledge gained from years of working in adtech and web analytics, David founded Adavow in 2015. The company created an ad suppression platform that enabled advertisers and ad networks to stop serving digital ads to consumers who recently purchased a similar item. Under David’s management, Adavow increased digital budget efficiency by more than 10%.

David has been an integral part of several successful start-ups, most notably ClearCommerce, an online credit card payment platform, where he managed all EMEA customers with a less than 5% churn rate, until eFunds purchased the company for $19.4 million in 2005. David was also part of the senior management team that saw TouchClarity grow from pre-revenue to £420k monthly recurring revenue in two years with less than 3% churn rate, setting the scene for the $51.5 million sale to Omniture in 2007. In 2008, he took over management of the UK Professional Services function for Nedstat, Europe’s first web analytics company, providing 75% of overall revenue in H2 in 2009, and 60% of overall revenue in 2010. Nedstat was subsequently purchased by comScore for $36.7 million in 2011.

David also founded Futurehand Ltd., a management consulting company, in 2005 – a business he has continued to run and develop. He also actively supports UK tech businesses through his role at Tech London Advocates.