maritime clean fuel

Helping the maritime industry navigate a sea change

The shipping industry is facing unprecedented pressure to clean up its act when it comes to the use of high-sulphur fuel. This cheap, low-grade fuel causes around 400,000 premature deaths a year through heart and lung illnesses, according to research published in Nature. Cleaner fuel could almost halve these figures – with particular health benefits […]

Using data visualisation to beat gridlock

We hear a lot about bottlenecks, gridlock and congestion – ironically, often on our drive to work as we crawl along in rush hour traffic listening to the latest travel update on the radio. We all think we know what’s causing the problems – whether it’s a particularly slow set of traffic lights, a road […]

smart traffic

Traffic congestion: How data can deliver a smart solution

Next time you’re stuck in a rush-hour traffic jam, count the number of delivery vans and lorries you can see around you. Their drivers are sharing your frustration – and their customers are left wondering when their delivery is going to turn up. Congestion reportedly cost the UK nearly £8 billion last year, with road […]

Road traffic accident analysis reveals danger hotspots for cyclists

In a bid to ease congestion and pollution issues, cities globally have increased initiatives to ease pressure on current urban infrastructure with the bicycle becoming the blueprint. The increase in cyclists in an infrastructure designed for motorised vehicles has led to an increase in road traffic accidents. In a bid to encourage cycling as a […]

Why we need to embrace hyperscale-data to take hyper-scale climate action

This Friday – 15th March – will see the culmination of efforts to unite pockets of protest which have taken place in regions across the world, with schoolchildren taking to the streets in a global strike calling for urgent action on climate change. Politicians in the UK have also been getting behind climate action. As […]

5G technology

From dumb data pipes to big data business: why operators must get smart

When’s an operator not an operator? When it’s a powerful big data vendor. To date, only a limited number of operators have grasped this message, and instead have remained in ‘dumb data pipe’ territory. However, this looks set to change, as service providers find themselves under mounting pressure to create new revenue streams, both to […]

Poor data management

MWC19, historic Barcelona, and the future of smart cities

What are we looking forward to at MWC19? Let’s start by looking backward… Barcelona’s Eixample district was the architectural brainchild of Ildefons Cerdà. Its grid-like structure and wide avenues were conceived in the mid-19th century as an antidote to the overcrowding, congested thoroughfares, and poor sanitation which plagued its medieval centre. Cerdà based his design […]

How has Singapore become the smartest city

How Singapore has become the smartest city

Singapore’s reputation as one of the world’s leading smart cities is beyond dispute. This year alone, separate rankings by Mckinsey and ABI Research named Singapore as the world’s No.1 smart city, while the city-state was also awarded the ‘Smart City of 2018’ accolade at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona in November. Meanwhile […]

Shedding light on energy saving in commercial shipping ports

Shedding light on energy-saving ports

Ports can slash energy costs by adopting an effective energy management program, with smart illumination sensors at major facilities across Europe and beyond helping to provide a range of valuable benefits to operators. The systems, which light up only when vehicles or people are in close vicinity, have been transformational at a number of ports […]

emergency is the current state of smart cities when using big data to plan hospitals

How data can improve healthcare in smart cities

The ability to analyze big data so possible links can be identified between health status and specific urban environments could help towards prevention and early intervention of numerous chronic conditions whilst improving efficiencies within future healthcare provision. The UK’s National Health Service faces an increasingly tough funding challenge over the next 15 years. A report […]

Smart ports are making cities logitics easier and faster due to their collected data

Major ports not embracing smart tech risk being left at sea

Smart technology, underpinned by big data, is being utilized to expand capacities at major ports across Europe and beyond, with developers in a race against the clock to ensure their facilities do not fall behind rivals in logistical capabilities. Aside from processing more than 60 million domestic and international journeys per year, a total of […]

Supercharging customer research through big data

The ability to create and address unique audiences based on consumers’ behaviors when doing customer research can give companies a vital edge in digital advertising, with the difference in campaign outcomes “like night and day”, according to GeoSpock’s VP Product Management, Ben Manning. Beyond the basics of trying to hit the right audience demographic, the […]

A photo of New York one of the highest developed sprawling urban city scapes on the planet

Smart cities need to ‘speed up’ infrastructure upgrades

Urban development planners are in a race against time to ensure they have adopted a truly smart approach before population growth stretches their infrastructure to breaking point over the next three decades, according to GeoSpock CEO Richard Baker. Over the next 30 years, the percentage of the world’s population that lives in urban environments is […]

communites are a huge part of smart cities, without the people in the community there is no purpose to the smart technology in the cities

Why it’s not only technology, but communities that make cites smart.

How community is crucial to a smart approach Cities across the world are waking up to the fact that they must engage communities – and not just integrate state-of-the-art technology and data management systems – if they are to be considered as truly ‘smart’. Arguably nowhere has this been more conspicuous this year as in […]

Smart data insights available within weeks

How long will it take GeoSpock to get me insights from my data? It can take just a matter of weeks for GeoSpock to provide smart city officials with valuable data insights that can give them the opportunity to enhance operational efficiencies across numerous areas, as well as improve quality of life for inhabitants and […]

If everyone is in the same place is it really smart parking?

Smart parking analysis can boost the high street

Cutting-edge data analysis tools are helping smart cities to predict vehicle flows into car parks on certain days, offering a significant boost in the fight to save the struggling high street with smart parking. According to a report published last year by the British Parking Association, drivers across Britain waste an average of nearly four […]

How will visual guidlines govern our future smart cities

Visual guidelines that will shape the future of our smart cities

Smart cities will be able to discover the long-term impacts of adverse air quality on public services and the health of their people by utilizing GeoSpock’s state-of-the-art data management software. GeoSpock processed time series measurements of various atmospheric gas and particulate matter concentrations via 19 sensors spread across four areas of Cambridge – the company’s […]

Speedy pollution prediction tools that can save lives

Smart cities will have the opportunity to tackle life-threatening traffic pollution by predicting and acting upon vehicle flows following just a few days’ worth of data, thanks to cutting-edge pollution prediction tools developed by GeoSpock. According to the World Health Organization’s World Global Ambient Air Quality Database, more than 80% of city dwellers across the […]

Ongoing tracking of cities air quality is proving a challenging task

Air quality data monitoring – a continuous challenge

Many may take it for granted, but clean air can make a huge difference to the quality of life of residents and the appeal of a city for tourists and businesses. Pollution in a metropolis can reach deadly levels if it allowed spiraling out of control. The so-called pea soup fog was a menace in […]

How is automotive big data helping us understand the world?

Just how much is being invested in the big data produced by driverless technology?

A new report has revealed the scale of investment flowing into data management and acquisition of automotive big data in the automotive sector. According to the SNS Telecom & IT report, released last weekend, big data investments in the automotive industry are expected to surpass $3.3bn by the end of this year. Moreover, investments are […]

How location intelligence can teach us about the world around us

A location intelligence goldmine

With the emerging concept of location intelligence as a metadata tag, many businesses and organisations are beginning to discover they are sitting on a potential goldmine of valuable geographical and movement-related data in a variety of industries. Turning location data into intelligence for asset owners, retailers and other organisations is now an opportunity that an […]

How Spain is creating smart cities that benefit tourism

How smart cities can drive tourism

In a world that will soon embrace the Internet of Things as the norm, progressive city authorities are discovering that a data-led approach across a wide range of operational areas is helping to retain and attract business investment and talent whilst improving the lives of inhabitants, the basic concept of smart cities. However, a less […]

Who is leading the race in driverless technology

Driverless technology – which manufacturers are leading the revolution?

Self driving vehicles will be behind an eye-watering $7 trillion worth of economic activity and new efficiencies per year worldwide by 2050, according to a study released last year by Intel and Strategy Analytics. The rewards for successful companies in the sector are obvious. So, it is little surprise that manufacturers are plowing tens of […]

Mobility into the future CWIC 2018

GeoSpock to lift lid on Contextual Intelligence at CWIC 2018

GeoSpock’s top team is heading to the Cambridge Wireless International Conference (CWIC) next week, with our CEO Richard Baker and Chief Technology Officer Steve Marsh set to provide unmissable insights into ‘Mobilising the future with Contextual Intelligence’. GeoSpock present at CWIC 2018 Richard and Steve’s presentation on the topic will take place as part of […]

Rubbishis providing better data visualisation than you might have thought.

Using data visualisation to take out the trash

Smart cities are increasingly crunching and data visualisation at speed and scale to boost efficiencies and make significant bottom-line savings. One area in which location intelligence is providing real-life benefits is in waste management – by nature a time-consuming, resource-heavy and imprecise task. For those who manage the garbage collection process, there are a number […]

Driverless vehicles will help prevent traffic build up in the future

How driverless vehicles will use big data to make cities smarter

As roads become increasingly congested around the world, enhancing driver safety has become a priority for vehicle manufacturers, as well as governments when it comes to planning future smart cities. According to a study by the World Bank that was funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies, in 2015, more than 1.25 million people were killed on the […]

Driverless technology researched in tech city Singapore

Groundbreaking trial brings Singapore to forefront of driverless technology

Singapore will have generated sufficient data to draft regulations about self-driving vehicles by the end of this year after undertaking an innovative project in a bid to bring cutting-edge driverless technology to the city. An enormous database is being generated at a specially-constructed ‘mini-town’ that operates exclusively with autonomous vehicles at Nanyang Technological University in […]

Ad technology

Why telecommunications giants are targeting ad technology

There is a school of thought that telecommunications companies, which have been sitting on vast swathes of data for decades, have been rather late to the party in terms of making a play for ad technology. However, in recent months, there has been a surge of activity in the sector, particularly through M&A activity, with […]

Poor data management

Facebook pay the price for poor data management

The issue of data-gathering has been pushed firmly into the public domain by recent scandals, with allegations that unauthorised data was used from a psychology quiz to target potential voters during the 2016 US Presidential election campaign. Now Facebook, which has found itself embroiled in the matter, leading to CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifying before the […]

Smart City rankings underline future data challenges

The competition is fierce, but Singapore has edged out Dubai and London to be named as the world’s top smart city, according to a new competitive assessment report by ABI Research. The market research and advisory company found that Singapore’s so-called ‘Smart Nation’ initiative had helped the city-state to address a range of urban issues […]

Access to big data driving interest in healthcare innovators

With healthcare providers across the world struggling to cope with a sharp increase in the number of patients in recent years, interest in big data is driving a timely surge of investment in some of the sector’s most innovative companies. Big data technologies and providers have been earmarked by some of the world’s biggest businesses […]

The adoption of autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles nearing complete autonomous capability

The autonomous vehicle gold rush is well underway, as illustrated at the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where a spate of manufacturers showed off their innovations. Significant technological and strategic developments in the sector are occurring virtually every month, with major implications for consumers, businesses and organisations tasked with handling big data. With an […]

GeoSpock at MWC18

2018 Mobile World Congress Round-up

For every influencer, company and executive in tech and data, the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is an unmissable event; so it goes without saying that our team attended the 2018 edition just a few days ago. With more than 100,000 visitors filtering into eight giant halls, the exhibition offers a real flavour of […]

city of the future

Bill Gates gives big backing to ‘smart city’ concept

The ‘smart city’ concept has recently recruited its most high-profile cheerleader after Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates acquired a huge patch of land in Arizona with the dream of building his very own city driven by state-of-the-art connected technology. The billionaire philanthropist, through the Mt. Lemmon Holdings subsidiary of Gates’ investment firm, Cascade Investment, has put […]

Santa’s extreme data challenge

Spare a thought this Christmas Eve for Santa Claus, who will be overseeing the conclusion of a fiendishly difficult data management and home delivery project… for another year at least. As you are tucked up in your beds with your stockings hung up, Santa will be wrapping up a mind-bogglingly complex process that makes online […]

GeoSpock ad:tech London workshop image

ad:tech London – Exploring the AI promise in AdTech

GeoSpock hosted a workshop entitled ‘Exploring the AI promise in AdTech’ at the recent ad:tech London 2017 show. It was a standing room only workshop, with a mix of presentations and a panel discussion. Panellists included: Emily Tan – Global Technology Editor | Campain (moderator) Steve Marsh, PhD – Founder & CTO | GeoSpock Omaid […]

tourist binoculars

Where will ad tech be in five years’ time?

Extreme data management will become increasingly important if ad tech is to evolve through an era of consolidation into an industry that adapts more effectively to the whims of a more unpredictable and fractured society. With the ad tech sector’s main players consolidating their dominance through acquisitions, several companies are likely to face “carnage” as […]

How data keeps a smart city on the move

The world is more connected and accessible than ever before, so when it comes to attracting industries, companies and talent, competition between aspirational cities is fierce. With marketing teams pushing ‘city brands’ to businesses and tourists in ever-more creative ways, a destination thrives and dies on its reputation, underpinned by a variety of factors, including […]

dark data servers

Why telcos need to shine a light on ‘dark data’

Businesses in the telecommunications sector have more reason than most to stand up to the challenge presented by so-called ‘dark data’ sooner rather than later. Telcos, like many major enterprises, are already sitting on a goldmine of data that is yet to be analysed for any business or competitive intelligence. To illustrate the point, market […]

On the subject of data

Looking at what the media world has had to say recently about data indicates there will be some lively discussion at the upcoming Festival of Media in Rome.   Before heading to the event, I thought it would be interesting to look at what some of the speakers have said about the role of data in the […]

The brain gain – combining brains and business

“Brains and business” is a phrase that sums up the underlying philosophy of GeoSpock™ Born out of an academic research project at the University of Cambridge – the aim of which was to build a new supercomputer architecture capable of simulating the human brain – GeoSpock was founded on the core principle of throwing big […]

Steve Marsh interviewed by Cambridge Computer Lab journal "The Ring"

Steve Marsh sees GeoSpock as the future of big data management. TR: You’ve taken the entrepreneurial route from the off. What inspired you to start your own company? SM: I’ve always been interested in technology’s role in improving the world around us. I first started out by building mobile applications to solve a problem my […]

Big Data, Big Brother, Big Issue

Who am I? Where am I? Who did I meet? Who have I arranged to meet? What did we say? Where did I go next? What do I like/not like? What have I failed/succeeded at? What are my political beliefs? What are my sexual proclivities? What are my congenital/current health conditions? These are all bits […]