Data exploration

Data exploration

Transform the way you visualise data by bringing together multiple datasets to explore hidden patterns making immediate business impacts.

Explore data

  • Build the product platform icon

    Build the product platform

    Deploy AWS resources using Terraform to build a platform for your data analysis requirements.

  • Manage users icon

    Manage users

    Use the platform's dashboard to manage who can access your data.

  • Manage your data icon

    Manage your data

    The platform's dashboard enables you to ingest and manage the data ingested into your platform for analysis.

How data exploration works

  • Combine your data layers

    Combine your data layers

    Combine data from different sources to find hidden patterns in your data. Find behavioural patterns of consumers by adding:

    • Points of interest
    • Geofences
    • Demographic data
  • Visualize your data

    Visualize your data

    You can choose to view the data layer as:

    • A point density view
    • A heatmap
    • A choropleth
    • Tracks for each unique ID (device or vehicle)
    • Compare the time series charts for each of the layers for further insights
  • Filter data

    Filter data

    Quickly and easily create a multi-dimensional filter by manipulating the:

    • Geographical area
    • Time range
    • Events (data points)

    Then save these results in a snapshot and share using a gallery for future reference

  • Share your data insights

    Share your data insights

    Capture your data discoveries in a snapshot using the data exploration tool
    This creates a clickable link, saved in a gallery.

    The link includes the:

    • View of the map
    • Data filters that you have applied
    • Time range selected

    Invite others to look at this gallery and view your discoveries

The future of location analytics

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