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GeoSpock provides intelligent, cloud-based software solutions for the media, telco and automotive industries that address essential data challenges related to space, time, scale and speed. Our solutions are ideal for smart cities around the world.

Our products are designed to deal with data in its origin, raw state. We comfortably manage extreme-scale geospatial and geotemporal data sets, and we do it incredibly fast. Learn more about our products or sign up to access our Showcase.

  • Space

    Everything happens somewhere

    Geospatial data - or data related to a space - is all around us, and location intelligence heavily influences our lives.

    It’s the satellite and aerial imagery captured and created everywhere. It’s the information collected through Internet of Everywhere sensors now being integrated into the fabric of the connected society. It’s all of the social media information generated by billions of consumers. And it’s the trillions of geoevents captured by every cell-tower in every mobile network, every day. GeoSpatial data sets are simply monumental in size and hard to manage.  This in turn presents a unique set of challenges which GeoSpock are ideally positioned to address head on.
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    Geospatial data is also incredibly important. Harnessing geospatial data properly enables companies to work smarter, more efficient and ultimately improve overall performance and thus create value. For example, geospatial data can help you detect anomalies in your infrastructure or processes before they turn into full-scale problems. Or by analysing movements of vehicles and weather patterns cities and nations can optimise traffic lights, fleet management, infrastructure plans for autonomous cars or even environmental policies. Retailers can analyse granular customer movement data for real-time consumer insights. The areas of application of spatial data are endless.

    GeoSpock is uniquely placed to maximise value derived from spatial data. The data is often freely available, but due to its size, ever-changing nature and many different formats, the complexities associated with making sense of the data introduces hurdles hard to overcome. But by embracing GeoSpock’s infin8, illumin8 and extrapol8 products, your data management system can unlock valuable insights in a fast, clear and intuitive way.

  • Time

    Everything happens sometime

    Temporal data simply relates to a state in time. It’s data captured at discrete events, such as when a lightning strikes, or in a series of events such as demographic or purchasing trends.

    The value of temporal data is immense as it allows you to uncover and predict patterns among for example people, objects or environmental movements, which in turn will guide you to make smarter decisions for your business or organisation.
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    Every day monumental quantities of time-related data are generated across the globe. And every day retailers, advertisers, financial services, energy companies, smart cities, infrastructure or healthcare providers struggle to make sense of these vast data lakes. If you also add space data into the mix, the complexity truly becomes mind boggling.

    GeoSpock makes it possible to both analyse all your temporal data – not just the aggregated set – and surface relevant intelligence that demystifies your data. GeoSpock simplifies the complex, without removing anything, and delivers actionable insights within milliseconds.

  • Scale

    Data insights at monumental scale

    Every day an enormous amount of new data is created. In fact, over 90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years.

    And the growth is relentless: IDC predicts that our global “datasphere” will reach 163 zettabytes by 2025 (that’s a trillion gigabytes) - a 10x increase in less than a decade.
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    Managing scale is both difficult and costly. Many data management solutions simply aren’t designed to handle more than a few billion data points. Others rely on very expensive computing power to deliver results in an acceptable time frame. Then there are systems that are forced to heavily aggregate your data, which inevitably leads to loss of information.

    GeoSpock on the other hand was conceived to solve monumental scaling challenges. Born in Cambridge-academia, with one foot in the world of human brain research and the other in super-computing, our solution knows no boundaries. Our products comfortably handle trillions of data points, thanks to the unique indexing engine infini8. We don’t throw away any data. We don’t use expensive processing power to force better performance. GeoSpock simply delivers analysis, visualisation and prediction at scale and speed.

  • Speed

    The right data when you need it

    What do we want? Accurate insights! When do we want it? Now!

    One of the key challenges data teams struggle with is to shorten query response times. There are several shortcuts organisations are forced to take in order to solve this problem, all with value concessions as a result. Decision-maker’s need speedy to access information to improve performance. They can’t afford to wait or doubt.
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    GeoSpock delivers incredible speed at monumental scale without losing precision. We make the world smarter through infiti8’s super-fast harnessing of extreme-scale space and time data, and illumin8’s elegant extraction of accurate insights, that enables people to make better decisions when and where needed. Where other systems take minutes to respond, we deliver value at sub-second speeds.

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