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The Product Showcase enables hands-on use of

• illumin8 (extreme-scale data analytics and visualisation) and

• extrapol8 (specialist analytics for direct querying of infin8)

Using the Product Showcase you are able to explore a variety of datasets and different scenarios, such as smart city, advertising, and mobility, using a host of analytics functionality such as geofencing, dynamic filtering and data comparisons.

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Extreme scale

A hyper-connected future requires extraordinary levels of data analysis. Historical platforms simply can not cope with the scale required. GeoSpock can process petabytes of data and beyond. Welcome to the future.

Better insights in less time

Gain new insights in a fraction of the time it currently takes. Increase the number of queries that can be run to gain more precision. Get analysis of extreme data volumes with sub-second results.

Ease of use

Unlocking the value of your data doesn’t need to be a headache. Our illumin8 data visualisation tool uses intuitive mapping controls to visualise large amounts of data in an easy-to-use web interface.

What can I expect to see?

Just some of the functionality you will be able to harness, includes:

  • Geofencing

    Specific locations or points-of-interest with dynamic radius

  • Dataset comparisons

    Correlations and comparative heatmaps across any number of datasets

  • Extreme scale

    Explore billions of rows of data in one place

  • Property indices

    View the outliers across any property with over and under indexing values

  • Track routing

    View individual paths taken and through geofenced locations

  • Advanced time series reporting

    Time trends for any filter, property and data layer

  • Sub-second interactions

    Highly intuitive and fast user experience

  • Dynamic heatmap

    For any map zooming and property filtering

  • Instant zooming

    Seamlessly explore from the holistic to the granular

Example scenarios

Example scenarios you can run through are audience profiling around store locations, New York taxi passenger drop-offs at airports, and analysis of flights coming in and out of airports.

  • Supermarket audience profiling to target relevant offers in a cost-efficient way

    A supermarket wants to target different audiences with relevant offers tailored to them - but only people who are likely to travel to a store location. Where can these audiences be found, at what time and in what numbers?

  • Time Analytics

    Time Analytics enable you to uncover unique temporal insights within every corner of your data. View trends on an holistic basis or focus in on highly granular subsets within the data. Time can be animated to view emergent insights; specific times of day can be focused on and correlations can be seen from disparate datasets.

  • Taxi pick-ups around NYC coffee shops

    A look at how the location of taxi pick-ups has affected the size of tip subsequently received and how distance impacts this too - with an interesting insight that it’s not always the longest journeys that generate the best tips - it depends where you pick up your coffee.

  • Taxi drop-offs at airports

    Discover the most popular taxi destinations in New York and then deep dive into journeys to the airports. Look into the differences in trips out to JFK, Newark and LaGuardia airports and visualise the routes these trips take - and differ - based on time-of-day.

Who is the Product Showcase for?

The Product Showcase is aimed at businesses who are looking to unlock the value in their data by using specialist extreme-scale data visualisation and analytics. You have one or more significant datasets. You need a solution that enables fast, dynamic interaction with the entirety of your data, across the dimensions of location, time and all your properties and measures. You want to generate unique insights by combining your data with other datasets. You want to feel the power of interacting with hundreds of billions of records, with any angle of attack for analysis, in sub-second time.


How do I get started?

To express your interest in the Product Showcase please fill in the form and a member of the GeoSpock team will be in touch shortly.


How much does it cost?

An evaluation licence for the Product Showcase does not cost you anything (but GeoSpock reserve the right to only issue evaluation licenses for the most suitable companies).


How long does the evaluation licence last?

We will agree with you a duration for your evaluation, including user training and post-use feedback. The period is usually between 2 and 4 weeks.

Dive right in and try it for yourself