infin8 is a cutting-edge data indexing solution that processes and organizes data for sub-second data retrieval. infin8 works in perfect harmony with illumin8, (our data analytics and visualization tool), and extrapol8 (our tool for creating bespoke data queries).

infin8 ingests and processes raw data at any scale – from gigabytes to petabytes and beyond – and of any data type, whether spatial, temporal or both. It creates an organized index that preserves every record of the original dataset – there is no data aggregation or deletion. infin8 supports any data schema and you can ingest new data into your dataset so that you can explore the latest trends in your data.

The newly created infin8 data structure is stored in 8Base – GeoSpock’s proprietary distributed data storage solution that enables fast access speeds even at extreme-scale. 8Base data is stored on AWS S3 storage meaning you can benefit from extreme-scale data retrieval, at incredible speeds, on cost-efficient commodity hardware.

Why is AWS S3 used for direct data retrieval?

Using AWS S3 storage for direct data retrieval has several benefits:

  1. It allows customers to significantly reduce costs compared to keeping the data on per-instance disks or loading it into expensive GPU or other in-memory approaches.
  2. It avoids the pressure of data sizes that result in losing data due to sampling or aggregation.
  3. It avoids the limitations of relational and unstructured databases that can’t quickly retrieve complex data, at scale.

Explore extrapol8

Provides accelerated querying of datasets using a Spark-based Scala library and specialist geo-temporal APIs.

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