Sub-second interaction via a cutting-edge data indexing solution

illumin8 is a visualization and analytics tool that enables you to interact with all your data, in sub-second response times. illumin8 is deployed into your UI either as an embedded whole or via pick-and-mix web components.

Geospatial analytics at a whole new scale

illumin8 is ideally suited to analysis of your extreme data:

  • Other visualisation tools


  • City

    Other visualisation tools

    50% sample


    All data points

  • Country

    Other visualisation tools

    0.5% sample


    All data points

  • Global

    Other visualisation tools

    0.0005% sample


    All data points

illumin8 is the only web-based visualization and analysis tool able to ingest trillions of geospatial data points every day and provide real-time access to trillions in total, giving you the ability to refine and evaluate any campaign against your entire ad request history.

illumin8 provides a real-time, interactive view of your campaigns’ inner workings, making it possible to easily and quickly spot hidden patterns. Deliver value to your customers by enabling your data scientists to explore with ease, and your sales team to deliver more compelling proposals.

  • A beautiful GUI providing instant access to the metrics that matter

    Dive straight in and focus on a specific region, time period or any dimension within your dataset with all your metrics instantly updated. Enable a closer connection to the metrics that drive your business forward.

  • Sub-second data interaction

    Move from global, country, region or even down to street level in under a second. Go from year, month, day or even down to a minute in time. Apply filters and watch as geo and temporal views are updated instantly, as well as associated metrics and every other dimension. Ask more questions and get answers faster.

  • Understand relationships in your data

    Gain a unique understanding of the relationships within your data as no data is aggregated. All multidimensional relationships are maintained. However you decide to filter, exclude, constrain or include, there are near limitless scenarios you can explore at the touch of a button.

  • Proximity analysis around points of interest

    Define the radius around any points of interest to determine what falls within (and outside) the selection - including all associated dimensions. Understand audience composition for your most important locations or adjust the size of the radius to understand impact on your selection.

  • Powerful geospatial data visualisation options

    View your data grouped by region, point distribution, heatmap, and comparative heatmap (two data sets compared). Trends or anomalies jump out at you.

  • Multiple data layers and point of interest analysis

    Seamlessly pull in all your datasets, whatever their differing schemas. Overlay them on the map to find correlations alongside any point of interest data.

  • Comparative analysis across two datasets

    Visualise the over and under-indexing differential between two datasets joined with a common key (such as location). Via an zoomable heatmap easily identify the outliers in the data.

  • Data indices for relative analysis

    Select one specific property value (such as ‘Income groups - Top 10%’) and see how all other dimensions index for that value (for instance, which publishers over-index for a high-earning audience Vs. the average). Go further by viewing the relative index of a highly refined selection across all your dimensions (for instance men who are top earners and single). Enables even deeper analysis through a simple to use visualisation approach.

illumin8 integrates directly into your existing toolset

illumin8 is designed to integrate seamlessly into your business. Our infin8 engine runs on your private cloud infrastructure, providing complete data security, and includes high-volume ingest built to handle your full data stream, continuously. Our real-time, web-based visualization and analysis UI can be slotted directly into any existing dashboard, and fully customized to fit your business needs.

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