Cutting-edge indexing, extreme-scale visualisation and custom querying

The product suite

GeoSpock’s product suite enables hyper-efficient data analytics and visualisation of spatial and temporal data, at incredible scale. It does this using infin8, a cutting-edge data indexing solution, that connects seamlessly into illumin8, an extreme-scale data visualisation tool and extrapol8, for custom querying of datasets.

Unique insights from your data

This product suite significantly reduces the cost of analysing vast data lakes and avoids costly GPU or CPU approaches. It enables access to entire, unaggregated datasets - from gigabytes to petabytes and beyond. Every data point in every record is maintained - whether you have millions, billions or even trillions of records - empowering exploration of relationships that would otherwise remain hidden.

Uncover unique insights from your data, with an advanced suite of analytical tools such as geofence filtering, routing, and dynamic heatmap zooming that are executed in milliseconds.