November 2019

GeoSpock Spatial Big Data Platform 2.1 Release

Today GeoSpock is pleased to announce that we have launched version 2.1 of our Spatial Big Data Platform. This release builds on our 2.0 products, released in July 2019, and adds some key functionality to improve our integration and usability. 

The key features in this release are:

  • Auto-creation of an SQL query from Data Explorer
  • Ability to run SQL queries directly within the Dashboard
  • BI tool support, including Tableau, for extracting data from the platform through SQL

Put together, these tools provide a key workflow for extracting value from the GeoSpock platform: 

  • View and review ingested data
  • Quickly analyse and determine the insights available
  • Convert that data view and correlation into an SQL statement
  • Incorporate that statement and execution into your preferred BI tool of application

Using this workflow allows fast insight and data extraction from your ingested data, followed by high-performance programmatic access. The resulting workflow enables you to determine the available insight, evaluate the value, and then build that data extraction and value into your own workflows and environments. 

Other features in this release: 

  • Optimised querying through SQL for geometric functions (bounding box, points within a distance, intersection) and temporal queries
  • Traffic and network flow visualisation within Data Explorer
  • Total and average visualisation using choropleth, heatmap and road segments within Data Explorer

For a full list of new features and functionality and links to the documentation, please see the release notes.

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