Press Release November 2020

GeoSpock Enrolled In IMDA’s SG:D Spark Programme

GeoSpock announced today that it is officially enrolled under the SG:D Spark, a programme by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) in Singapore. 

This prestigious recognition supports and enhances GeoSpock’s activities in the country, where it launched a local office in 2019 and is engaged in Data Fusion and Analytics activities with various Government Agencies, Enterprises and local institutions. GeoSpock is also an active participant in the Singapore Land Authority’s GeoWorks community. GeoSpock has built an advanced cloud native highly distributed Database Management System (DBMS) for fusing Physical Internet (sensors) data with other datasets through groundbreaking indexing and querying engineering methods that speed up analytics and dramatically lowers the cost of ownership of any-scale data.    

Richard Baker, CEO at GeoSpock, said, “Singapore is at the forefront of inventing the future. The global pandemic has acted as a catalyst for the government to demonstrate its commitment to invest in digital capabilities, establish a nationwide information technology infrastructure, and nurture a vibrant tech ecosystem. We are honoured to be recognised and enrolled under the SG:D Spark programme. This is a testimony to our strong partnership with IMDA in Singapore, and recognition of the value GeoSpock can bring to the digital first vision of Singapore. We look forward to being part of accelerating the country’s Smart Nation initiatives.”

As Singapore continues to develop and unlock the world's most comprehensive Smart Nation ecosystem, GeoSpock’s technology can unleash new economic value that will be derived from a hyper-connected always-on urban ecosystem. GeoSpock’s database will enable local government agencies, academic institutions and enterprises to be able to analyse and optimise data by uniting siloed data for accelerated learning, accurate analysis and decision making and developing advanced Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Twin applications that are critical to the future operating model of a Smart Nation.

Edwin Low, Director of Innovation & Tech Ecosystem, Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore, said, “We are pleased to have GeoSpock come on board our SG:D Spark programme. We recognise their commitment to help Government agencies and enterprises to adopt a data-first strategy with their geospatial data fusion and dynamic high-performance analytical solutions.”

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