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Find out more about how to deploy GeoSpock DB Discovery, or how to run queries using GeoSpock DB by following our simple How To video guides, or catch up on our previous webinars and events.

Singapore Smart Nation data fusion platform

  • See GeoSpock DB in action on a nation scale connected vehicle dataset 108TB in size.
  • Made by combining inhouse synthetic vehicle data with 30 other publicly available data sources across Singapore, the Smart Nation data fusion platform showcases how GeoSpock DB makes analysing huge datasets time and cost efficient across a huge array of use cases.
  • Whether you're exploring pay-per-mile insurance or congestion charging, how to correlate air quality with traffic activity, or exploring new ways of investigating the impact of incidents on road network performance and safety, the Smart Nation platform is a great place to start
  • Access all the data and get started on your own journey today with our free Discovery platform

Webinar: Benchmarking the mobility data challenges of the future

  • In this webinar hear GeoSpock's data scientist team descibe the process of creating a massive, 108TB synthetic connected vehicle dataset.
  • Learn the major steps and challenges overcome when generating the data and find out how we at GeoSpock use it to measure and improve the performance of our database technology.
  • Also see how connected vehicle data is becoming commonplace in the world today, and the main use cases driving its adoption in everything from telematics and insurance, to smart city, environmental and even retail use cases.

Webinar: Reinventing maritime big data organisation

  • Together with partners the Baltic Exchange and UMAS, GeoSpock built a maritime big data platform to enable better visibility of maritime emissions from global trade.
  • Maritime emissions account for around 2.5% of total emissions, but quantifying the impacts at vessel level and devising regulation to account for other pollutants such as SOx and NOx remains a challenge.
  • With this platform, GeoSpock enable emissions to be quantified at vessel, regional or international levels. The emissions performance of different trade routes and vessel size classes around the world can also be easily assessed.
  • The platform makes it possible for local jurisdictions to visualise the emissions produced within their waters and take steps to mitigate and regulate CO2 levels as well as other pollutants with significant public health impacts.

How to deploy Discovery

In this video you will learn how to deploy a query cluster in Discovery, our free trial product version:

  • See how to fill out the AWS Cloud Formation template and select VPCid and subnetids
  • Get recommendations on how many Presto worker nodes to choose for your cluster
  • See how to double check your IP address and a few other helpful tricks for getting started

Once you're up and running you'll have access to our entire Smart Nation data catalogue to test and explore new use cases and hook up to your own tools and applications.

How to run a query – part 1 of 2

How to run a query – part 2 of 2

Dan Clarke discusses our work with Smart City Cambridge

Steve Marsh at CWIC

GeoSpock pitch: Liverpool Mayor's Transportation Challenge

GeoSpock at ad:tech London

GeoSpock's workshop "Exploring the AI promise in AdTech" at ad:tech London

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