June 2020

Introducing GeoSpock DB: reinventing how big data is organised

Reinventing how big data is organised 

Every second, another 127 devices are connected to the internet, according to calculations by former Cisco chief futurist David Evans. So it's no surprise that a recent report from Business Insider has predicted that the number of connected devices will reach more than 41 billion by 2027.

It means the volume of geospatial data being generated is growing at an unprecedented rate – mobile data traffic alone is set to generate 77.5 exabytes of data per month worldwide by 2022. To put this in context, one exabyte is equivalent to 250 million DVDs of information – and it has been said that five exabytes is equal to all the words ever spoken by mankind.

Existing database technology was not designed for this volume of data, which is why we've created GeoSpock DB – reinventing how big data is organised. It's a unique extreme-scale space-time database that delivers rapid insights at a fraction of the usual cost – transforming data into smarter real-world decisions.

GeoSpock DB has been built with the future needs of scale and performance associated with the rapid expansion of geospatial data in mind. Hosted on affordable commodity hardware, it enables organisations to explore and gain insights from massive geospatial datasets at previously unattainable speed.

In extreme-scale data environments, the challenge of fusing different data events reduces analytic fidelity. Standard generic databases struggle to fuse, organise and query large-scale data in a world where location and context are key – and this will only get worse, acting as a barrier to insight and innovation, and reducing an organisation's ability to solve problems and create new value.

The combination of high performance, scalability and cost effectiveness provided by GeoSpock DB addresses the conflicting concerns of cost and performance associated with the large-scale geospatial data requirements of modern enterprises. Built for private hosting on the AWS cloud, GeoSpock DB specialises in the analysis of extreme-scale geospatial, temporal, points of interest (PoI) and devices of interest (DoI) datasets.

GeoSpock DB uses a proprietary database engine to enable efficient storage, data fusion and rapid programmatic access to data using industry-standard ANSI SQL queries and JDBC connectors. Users are able to perform deep analysis and share insights using familiar toolsets, with plug-and-play support for common business intelligence tools such as Tableau™, Amazon QuickSight™ and Microsoft Power BI™ – and data science and machine learning environments including Python Notebooks and Apache Spark.

The database can also be integrated with proprietary applications, web services and internal tools – with compatibility for open-source and customisable visualisation libraries such as Kepler and Cesium.js.

Underpinned by a groundbreaking, patented indexing engine, GeoSpock DB unlocks value creation in extreme-scale data environments – and reduces complexities for rapid, cost-effective analytics. It promises to transform the way data is brought to life – revealing hidden patterns offering immediate business benefits.

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