Predictable pricing

GeoSpock DB Discovery

  • Trial our powerful query engine on a library of open source data (no ingest, storage, or preparation costs!) 
  • No limits on queries
  • Connect GeoSpock DB to your own integrations and data workflows
  • Fully supported to help you set up and get started with geospatial queries
Free – pay only for the AWS compute costs incurred through the clusters you run

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GeoSpock DB Enterprise

  • One solution to suit all your data needs, no matter the scale
  • No limits on data size, queries, users, or integrations
  • Built-in authorisation and authentication capabilities keep you in control
  • Access to documentation, user guides, and support 24/7

Monthly license fee (from $3,450 per month) + AWS storage and compute costs incurred for your data & queries run

With the option to add:

  • Upgrades to power up the query engine
  • Additional professional services (data science consultation, etc.)

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Why we price the way we do

Predictable costs no matter your usage
The more you query, the more cost-effective we become
Control your costs with built-in compute limits
Tailor the power of your GeoSpock DB solution to the size of your challenge
Freedom and security to experiment
A single license and minimised storage costs means charges don’t rocket, however extreme your data scales
Transparent pricing based on your data needs
AWS bills for storage & compute go directly to you

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