GeoSpock DB Discovery

  • GeoSpock DB Discovery lets you experience the power of GeoSpock DB for yourself

  • We provide the data; you run the queries

What is GeoSpock DB Discovery?

GeoSpock DB Discovery is a free-to-use version of GeoSpock’s proprietary query engine.

Use standard ANSI SQL and industry-standard tools against a library of open source data (including smart city and connected vehicle data) to test GeoSpock DB with scenarios relevant for your business.

What you'll get

Two week trial
14 days to experience the power of GeoSpock DB
Pre-ingested data
Get exploring right away with a range of pre-selected datasets
Unlimited cluster size, unlimited queries
Run as many queries as you want, as fast as you want them
No licence fee
You just pay your AWS costs, staying in full control
Integration with tools
Connect up any tool with a standard JDBC/ODBC connection
User-friendly documentation
Step-by-step setup instructions; comprehensive guides to the datasets and how to explore them
Access to support
Our support team is available to help, every step of the way

How does it work in your environment?

GeoSpock DB Discovery is a query engine that runs in your own cloud environment. Once set up, it will enable you to access a vast library of open source data that is curated, maintained, and stored by GeoSpock.

Discovery enables you to analyse petabytes of data with a hyper-performant query engine without the associated costs typically required for setup and preparation of data of this scale. It provides the perfect sandbox environment to build next-generation applications powered by the world’s most advanced analytics database.

What we'll need from you

Name & company
We’ll ask you for your name and company
Email address
Sign up with your corporate email for expedited approval
AWS account number
Make sure to have your AWS account number on hand for sign-up

Ready to sign up?

Once registered, we'll review your details and activate your trial. We will grant your AWS account access to the resources it needs and send you instructions for the next steps via email.

You will need an AWS account into which GeoSpock DB Discovery will be deployed. Some familiarity with AWS services would be useful when creating the deployment, but we don't expect you to be an expert. 

You will need some permissions to create certain resources in that account.  

GeoSpock DB Discovery will be deployed in your AWS account. The data itself is hosted in GeoSpock's own account. Your deployment will automatically be configured to retrieve the data from GeoSpock's AWS account. We ensure that the GeoSpock DB Discovery deployments are created in the same AWS region as the data (currently the Singapore region), so that data retrieval costs are kept to a minimum.

Once deployed, you connect to the database through a standard JDBC/ODBC connection. You can submit queries directly from the command line, or make a connection from any number of tools (Tableau, PowerBI, etc.). We will direct you to some helpful guides to get you started once your trial is activated.

Explore our expanding library of open source and synthetic datasets. Dive deep into urban planning, census, and environmental data to learn how GeoSpock makes it easy to fuse disparate data types together for complex analysis. Or, go big and test our query engine on an extreme-scale 108 TB, 1.3 trillion row urban mobility dataset, to see what high performance big data analytics really looks like.

GeoSpock DB Discovery is free to license; you pay only for AWS charges incurred over the duration of the trial.

You remain in control – deploy, resize, and tear down your deployments as you wish throughout the course of your access period. Charges include cluster running costs and data access/transfer costs.

Running costs are little more than 25 cents per hour for each machine in your query cluster. Additional charges for network traffic out of your AWS account or out of the supported region will depend on the number of queries and the amount of data retrieved.

We will provide you with contact details for our support team upon setup, so that you can get in touch if you experience a problem during the trial. We will do what we can to help resolve the issue. In some cases, we may ask you to supply or provide access to the logs (AWS Cloudwatch) that the system generates.

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