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Work with us to change the world by enabling data fusion for the connected world.

Make a difference with GeoSpock

Every day you can have a positive impact – whether it is tracking and reducing emissions across the maritime industry, or improving air-quality and fixing transportation issues in smart cities. 

You will get to work with a world-class, motivated, and ambitious team building leading-edge technology to solve complex real-world issues. We are proud that what we do here at GeoSpock has tangible benefits for society.

Our low-overhead innovation-driven culture is designed to enable elite technologists to focus on solving planet-scale problems, with the company taking pride in also having a fun, collaborative atmosphere. 

It’s work, but not as we know it...

We know it’s important to get the work-life balance right. So while building solutions to help improve the World - you can look forward to a social life full of bake-offs, pub lunches, punting trips, and family fun days – though possibly not every week!

You’ll also enjoy a generous benefits package, flexible working conditions, and the opportunity to learn from leading domain experts in technology and business.

As a fully-remote team, we'll make sure you have all the support you need to perform in your job – from gear to equip your home office to arranging fun, virtual events to connect with people in the company.

GeoSpock is a very special company, where you work with cutting-edge technologies to tackle some of the key problems that face our cities, such as pollution, social care, and traffic congestion. It is pretty crazy that you can develop machine learning algorithms with Spark over a highly scalable geospatial indexing platform to help cities all over the world, starting with your own city!
Dr. Felix Sanchez-Garcia

Lead Data Scientist

Despite having diverse interests and backgrounds, our various social activities are popular with everyone, whether they’re family BBQs, DnD or our regular pub lunch on a Friday. It’s clear Geospock has a philosophy that happy workers produce the best results and is deeply respectful of work life balance. Combined with developing industry leading products, with a focus on best practice, makes it an exciting, fun and happy place to work.
Felix Morley

Senior Software Engineer

GeoSpock is a fantastic place to work. I have a great team and some very interesting technical challenges to work on. The atmosphere in the office is always energetic without being too stressful.
James Greeman

Lead Software Engineer

Not only do I get the opportunity to work on technically challenging problems everyday, the working environment itself is amazing. I love working in a team where the leadership listens, and my feedback is valued and acted on. The company as a whole is committed to continuous improvement, and that has helped me personally learn and improve.
Dr. Amaria Zidouk

Senior Software Engineer

I love being a part of and working with a hard-working, creative team. There are a lot of opportunities available at GeoSpock allowing you to learn and grow within your role, which I am very grateful for.
Melanie Nielsen

Marketing Executive

There’s a spirit of friendly, inclusive and positively motivated camaraderie, and it is a place where creativity is encouraged and where there is a flexible working culture. These things make being part of GeoSpock pretty awesome. As a data geek, daily work has enormous variety; one week it’s predicting pollution levels and the next it could be metro use on the other side of the world.
Dr. Alan Roberts

Senior Data Scientist

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