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Headquartered in Cambridge (UK), with offices in Tokyo and Singapore, GeoSpock enables data fusion for the connected world.

In an increasingly data-centric world, more and more data about the physical world is machine-generated via IoT sensors and mobile devices. We work to ensure that data analytics is generating maximum value by enabling dynamic contextual intelligence, even when the data is vast, diverse, and complex. Our ability to produce real-time insights – operating in seconds, as opposed to weeks with existing solutions – means you can power new applications, answer complex questions, and make optimum decisions on the fly.

GeoSpock designs, develops, and delivers GeoSpock DB – the space-time analytics database. GeoSpock DB is a unique, cloud-native database optimised for querying for real-world use cases, able to fuse multiple sources of IoT data together to unlock its full value, whilst simultaneously reducing complexity and cost.

GeoSpock was founded in 2013 by Dr. Steve Marsh while reading for his PhD in Computer Science at the University of Cambridge. Steve came up with the idea for GeoSpock while building a supercomputer to mimic the human brain using biologically-inspired, massively parallel architectures – a concept still driving the design of GeoSpock DB.

Our investors

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Our history


Major commercial project wins in Smart Nation, Telco IoT, Maritime & Automotive

Core technology demonstrates world-leading performance

GeoSpock DB v3.0 launched


Open Japan office

Open Singapore office

Spatial Big Data Platform v2.0 launched


Venture funding raised (Series A)

Breakthrough demonstrator deployments in DataTech, Smart City, Assets & Logistics


Richard Baker joined as CEO


Additional seed funding raised

illumin8 launches to showcase unique high-performance database engine


Seed funding raised

Spatial Database as a Service v0.1 released


Angel funding raised


Work on core database technology begins

GeoSpock founded by Dr Steve Marsh in Cambridge, UK

Richard Baker, CEO of GeoSpock

Our CEO discusses the past, present and future of GeoSpock

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