COVID-19: a technology-led coordination approach

The global COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a spotlight on the crucial need for a rapid, joined-up approach to tackling such threats to our health – and virtually every aspect of our daily lives.

A proactive data-driven strategy

Technology holds the key to navigating a path back to normality and ensuring we can live with the virus threat rather than dying from it. Fundamentally, what is required is the shift from a reactionary to a proactive strategy, with data-driven decisions to "get ahead" of the pandemic.

Using location intelligence

Location intelligence is crucial for understanding when and where the virus is progressing – this information should be underpinning everything from healthcare resource management, business continuity planning to exposure-risk assessment for individuals along with track-and-trace activity for enabling granular containment, isolation and travel policies.

Speed is of essence

When it comes to solving real-world problems, speed is absolutely vital – insights are only useful if they arrive in a timely manner, as decisions must be made rapidly when you are intervening in a "live" situation to drive better outcomes.

Scale will challenge traditional databases

Dealing with real-world complexity, flexibility of use case, scale of data and speed of response requires a highly sophisticated database and platform. This kind of data fusion and space-time querying problem is exactly what GeoSpock DB was created to solve. 

GeoSpock DB and COVID-19

Read our in-depth strategy paper on how a technology-led approach using GeoSPock DB can help coordinate effective national and global pandemic responses.