Investigating how footfall traffic and consumer behaviours changed during the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

London-based location and proximity data specialist Tamoco came to GeoSpock with a specific challenge: to help it join up and visualise different consumer behaviours during the FIFA World Cup 2018.

Its client, a global beverage company, wanted to use location intelligence to better understand where, when and what football fans drank – to help the business perform better across a number of functions, from advertising and marketing to insights and planning.   

Tamoco collects vast amounts of first-party data and combines it with data from a network of precise sensors. But it was struggling to visualise all the data in a meaningful way for its client – and to quickly enable the extraction of insights. By working with GeoSpock, Tamoco and its client were able to gather, index, visualise and query all the data – giving them valuable guidance for future actions. 

The project investigated how footfall traffic changed during the World Cup, which venues performed well, how behavioural trends differed between different demographics, and how on-trade and off-trade patterns emerged. Extra details such as age, gender and interests were added to expand the picture.

As an innovative provider of precise location data and insight, Tamoco is delighted to partner with a dynamic business that shares our values. GeoSpock's focus on delivering for our customers using the most innovative and scalable technology fits perfectly with our approach. — Rune Bromer, Tamoco CEO

Find out more in our joint white paper: Using location to understand consumers behaviour during the World Cup 2018.

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