IQ Data

Creating cutting-edge software that combines multiple geolocation capabilities with powerful processing.

Dubai-based data solutions company IQ Data specialises in collecting and analysing location data to enable its clients to uncover new insights, optimise retail layouts and improve their return on investment.

By gathering large amounts of data from mobile device movements tracked across points of interest, it also helps advertisers target consumers automatically, based on typical real-world behaviours.

But dealing with such vast quantities of data was proving a challenge and IQ Data also wanted to speed up response times when performing complex analyses. So together, GeoSpock and IQ Data created a cutting-edge software product that combines multiple geolocation capabilities with powerful processing to give more detailed audience segmentation than ever before.

IQ Data now has more than 36 audience segments available across 10 countries, with a total audience of more than 130 million unique users. It is enabling its clients to truly understand their customer bases, build better products and improve their business decisions with powerful insights.