Together we can enable you to monetise your data to the services that matter

Uncover trends, patterns and relationships in your IoT data

We understand that IoT solutions and the data they generate represent a significant shift in the requirements for storing, managing and analysing data. The GeoSpock spatial big data platform easily interrogates extreme scale data sets in real time allowing you to develop future decision making with historical data insights.

Extreme data, extreme scale

GeoSpock’s spatial big data platform enables you to manage, visualise and query all of your data, not just a sample.

Powering the core of our platform is our unique indexing engine, which reinvents how big data is organised and delivers substantial benefits for your organisation.

See how the the platform can uncover hidden trends by interrogating multiple datasets in an intuitive visual analytics tool.
Witness the simple data management dashboard designed for an improved user experience
See how the platform connects to applications such as BI tools, runs SQL queries and powers data science

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