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Superfast SQL

SQL is the language of choice for modern data analytics.

Whether it's powering dashboards to generate periodic reports, or running ad hoc analysis, data exploration and investigation, SQL forms the foundational language for data recall and interrogation tasks performed by data analysts and scientists the world over. 

GeoSpock DB maximises your ability to perform SQL based analysis at any data scale:
  • Speed up and scale out your queries with efficient, massively parallel compute on low cost commodity cloud hardware, letting you do more, for less.
  • Improve cost predictability with a system designed to provide deterministic query performance at scale.
  • Power dashboards, data science and big data environments with a simple ANSI SQL interface and easy integration with popular third party software and tools.

Geospatial optimisation

Spatial data is the final frontier of database design.

Existing databases can't handle the complex, multidimensional spatial data generated by IoT, connected vehicle and telecommunications activity. Querying is slow and costly, requiring full table scans to return results, and analytics can't scale to match the demands of modern data environments.

GeoSpock DB is built specifically to help organisations unlock the full value of spatial data:
  • Unique space, time and device indexing ensures querying spatial data remains elegant and efficient at any data scale.
  • Optimised ST_ functions make the most of the GeoSpock DB architecture to deliver even higher performance.
  • Separated storage and compute eliminates the need for pre-caching or aggregation, enabling maximum use case flexibility from a single point of truth.

Data Fusion

Existing technology limitations force data into silos.

New data applications require costly, bottom up rebuilds, and are limited in their flexibility to accommodate new data sources and changing use case requirements. Innovation potential is reduced and the full value potential of data remains unrealised.

GeoSpock DB provides the single source of truth needed to realise your data's full potential:
  • Streamline your analytics stack with the ability to merge datasets dynamically at point of query.
  • Dramatically reduce data redundancy through logical separation of cloud-hosted datasets.
  • Reduce development costs and encourage experimentation with a plug and play approach to new use cases and datasets. 


The impact of connected mobility goes beyond the car.

The connected vehicle revolution already generates unprecedented amounts of data. But are providers making the most of its value potential?

GeoSpock helps mobility data owners tackle their biggest challenges:
  • Manage the huge, and growing, volume of connected vehicle data with a database optimised specifically for spatial and time series type analyses at any scale.
  • Move up the data value chain and become more than just a data provider or consumer. GeoSpock DB's scaleable, cost effective insight generation is ideal for supporting ad hoc data investigation, improving reporting dashboards or enabling customer-facing applications from a single source of truth.
  • Widen your customer base out of traditional mobility domains with a database ideal for building aggregated data products. Our data science expertise has supported mobility data application development for insurance, public transport, retail and the environmental sectors.

Telecomms, 5G and IoT

Monetising connected devices goes beyond connectivity.

Many telecomms and IoT companies recognise the value potential of data but are stuck as infrastructure providers, unable to extract value from the tidal waves of data flowing through their networks.

GeoSpock enables the telecommunications industry to capitalise on new technology:
  • Bring connected device data to life with a database which makes generating customer-specific insights from mobile, network and SDK datasets easy and cost-effective at scale.
  • Fulfil the potential of the IoT by fusing knowledge from static sensors with dynamic data from moving assets.
  • Unify hot and cold data within a single analytics framework by combining 5G enabled, low-latency decision making at the edge with extreme scale analytics on the cloud. (GeoSpock on Edge coming soon!)

Smart cities

A smarter approach to urban transformation.

The city is at the heart of a tidal wave of new data generation. To make the most of it, cities need digital infrastructure able to handle the complex ecosystem of physical world datasets at their fingertips.

GeoSpock DB makes smart cities a reality:
  • Fuse data from multiple sources together to unlock insights that are more than the sum of their parts.
  • Dig deeper into what makes your city tick with multiscale analysis of diverse use cases. From investigating the cause of a single road accident, to optimising the entire public transport network, GeoSpock DB makes flexible exploration of city datasets simple and cost-effective. 
  • Make your data work harder for you with GeoSpock DB's plug and play approach to application development. Develop new use cases like insight portals and dashboards from a single data copy in a single database instance, reducing management overheads and unlocking the full potential of your data.
83 bn
Internet of Things endpoints by 2024
2.5 mn
autonomous vehicles (SAE level 3+) by 2028
of the world's population will live in cities by 2040

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