location data June 2018

Why location data intelligence is integral to business

When it comes to making smart decisions context is king, and location data is the king of context.

With the rapid rise of connected devices we are now able to generate and harvest extreme-amounts of real-time contextual data from the physical world. At GeoSpock we are building the tools which can finally harness the and unlock the value of contextual understanding - we see ourselves as the core enabling technology for a new generation of data-first use cases, be that smart cities, smart infrastructure, smart energy, or even smart transport.

We believe that by leveraging deep-data contextual insights we can use what we have in a more effective way; reducing waste, increasing efficiency and improving quality of life for our citizens.

In order to make that happen, we're devoting our time to sharing our insights and helping people learn about everything location intelligence can do. This week we participated in an article on Geospatial World talking about how location is fundamental to business process. The piece explains how location is adding value to business decisions and features great commentary from some brilliant minds. We think you'll like it: take a look.

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