Mobile World Congress March 2017

GeoSpock showcases extreme data analysis with Infin8 indexing engine

Extreme data indexing engine allows companies to manage hundreds of billions of data points in real-time; enabling data analysts to use unprecedented amounts of data to build predictive models and improve ROI.

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Andy Smith on the Showcase stage at Mobile World Congress 2017

Andy Smith onstage at Mobile World Congress presenting a vision of the future where data analysts will be able to use vast amounts of unaggregated extreme data to create highly accurate, predictive models and greatly improve the performance of machine learning and artificial intelligence routines.

GeoSpock enables owners of datasets with hundreds of billions of records to visualise and analyse all their data in real-time. This is particularly important when building predictive models since the larger the sample size, the more accurate the results will be.

However, without efficient ways of accessing data, businesses are unable to utilise its full potential. GeoSpock has found three key barriers to effective analysis:

  • Long wait times for query results

  • Inability to ask new questions of old data

  • Lack of context due to exclusion of other datasets

To overcome these challenges GeoSpock created several important features; extreme data indexing, real-time visualisation, and the ability to include external point of interest data such as store locations, population density, postal areas, etc.

infin8°db - Extreme Data Indexing Engine

Speed is everything in today's world of nearly infinite data. That's why we created our infin8°db engine to help companies manage the virtual avalanche of inbound data.


illumin8°io - Real-time Visualisation

Unlike computers, humans are very good at making decisions based on visual cues. illumin8°io allows users to interact with their entire dataset in real-time to get a clear picture of what's been happening. Visibility of all your data is necessary to observe hidden trends and make accurate predictions about future performance.

Incorporating third-party datasets

First-party data is always the best, but sometimes you need to add other information to gain additional insights. The illumin8°io visualisation tool is built to accommodate external data sources such as physical store location data, Zip or postal code boundaries, public transportation routes or any other arbitrary polygonal regions you can think of.

By creating an easy integration of diverse data sets, on a real-time basis, your digital copy of the physical world becomes a tool for you to make important decisions quickly and effectively, without having to rely on incomplete information.

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