September 2020

GeoSpock awarded Disruptive Technology Award by Business Weekly

By revolutionising the database market with a giant leap forward in analytics technology, GeoSpock joins AVEVA, Darktrace, and ARM as Business Weekly Award winners


GeoSpock, the leading-edge database technology company behind GeoSpock DB, has been awarded the highly sought-after 'Disruptive Technology Award' for 2020 by Business Weekly. 'Awarded to a company with technology that’s genuinely game-changing,' GeoSpock is recognised for developing a unique hyper-performance and scalable database technology designed for conquering the data-complexity of the everything connected world.

Selected by expert panels from a wide pool of innovative companies based in Cambridge, GeoSpock joins an illustrious list of former award winners, including AVEVA, Darktrace, and ARM.

With the emergence of electric vehicles, smart cities, and connected devices, the amount of data produced globally has exploded. Traditional databases have proven too slow and cumbersome to provide genuine, real-time insights or power next-generation AI and Machine Learning use cases. The GeoSpock platform has disrupted the global market by producing a unique cost-efficient, scalable, and fast database that can work as an out-of-the-box solution.

Dr. Steve Marsh, Founder & CTO at GeoSpock said, "We are extremely proud to be recognised with the Business Weekly’s Disruptive Technology award. This is truly an industry gold-standard, with previous winners making huge strides in cancer treatment, and others going on to dominate the mobile and IoT CPU markets. We are delighted to join the great DeepTech, BioTech, and High-Tech companies that have won the award previously."

"GeoSpock was founded on the principle that environmental sensors and big data analytics can improve the world and help solve some of the great global challenges we face.

Data, and the opportunity for it, is only going to get bigger - we need analytics technology built to deal with future data demands.

Over the last 12 months we have been able to bring that technology to market, establishing key partnerships with global industry leaders in a range of sectors such as connected vehicles, smart cities, and telco IoT.  Our technology is now a proven market leader in terms of scale of data, speed of queries, and flexibility to power many use cases from a single database engine."

Dr. Marsh concluded, "As a technologist I am incredibly proud of the achievements of our engineering team, and as an entrepreneur I’m excited to see the fundamental role GeoSpock now has in bringing the data-driven future to life."

The Business Weekly Awards aim to reflect the best innovations from Cambridge and the East of England and show why the area is so highly regarded on the global stage. This year saw world-class business, technology, and life-science solutions being celebrated, even though the ceremony itself had to be cancelled.

Please refer to Business Weekly's online article for more information on the companies awarded.

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