September 2018

Smart data insights available within weeks

How long will it take GeoSpock to get me insights from my data?

It can take just a matter of weeks for GeoSpock to provide smart city officials with valuable data insights that can give them the opportunity to enhance operational efficiencies across numerous areas, as well as improve quality of life for inhabitants and visitors.

GeoSpock’s unique platform can allow cities to analyze and visualize multiple datasets and possible correlations across areas such as pollution, healthcare, energy usage, traffic flow and people movement.

“In terms of speed of integration, it depends on the data and how clean it is, but even if we are starting from zero, our system can produce meaningful insights within a couple of weeks,” GeoSpock Machine Learning Engineer Tom Bardsley said.

“We have the blueprints now, so if data plots come through we can produce visualizations pretty quickly – certainly in a few days.

“In the long term, GeoSpock can handle extreme volumes of data to provide even greater clarity.”

Vast amounts of data can be processed seamlessly through Explore software, with the final results brought to life by the unique explore visualization tool to illustrate the heartbeat of a smart city.

“Connect can be used to pull out large datasets,” GeoSpock Machine Learning Engineer Alan Roberts said.

“It is effectively a query engine, with the system able to apply bespoke queries to the database. It offers enormous flexibility.”

With Explore, there are two key benefits when it comes to adding real value to data analytics: through its visualization capabilities and also through the ability to set boundaries within the datasets so that limitations can be defined properly.

“Very large amounts of data can be handled within the analytical flow. It is a super-efficient workflow for data scientists,” Roberts added.

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