spatial data platform September 2019

Revolutionise your market with our new product release

Whilst most of you have been enjoying the sunshine and time off with the kids over the summer, the GeoSpock offices have been a hive of activity, leading to the release of our Spatial Big Data Platform 2.0.0. 

This is an exciting time for us, making our first generally available release of our Spatial Big Data Platform.  

Our Platform combines a reactive data visualisation tool with revolutionary indexing capabilities to transform the way that you process your spatial big data.  So, what does it do? 

Our data visualisation tool, the Data Explorer, provides the following functions:

  • lightening-fast access to your indexed data
  • ability to combine data from different sources
  • ability to filter on the data properties which are important to you
  • access to new insights into your data not previously uncovered before.

Read our latest whitepaper, Spatial big data platform: everything you need to know before you buy

And what’s more, you can easily save this, ready for more analysis.  But then, if you want more than just trends, you can use our SQL interface to get the facts and figures you need to fuel your business decisions.  This Platform is going to provide answers to all those burning questions you’ve been trying to answer but just haven’t had the right tool.

If you want to find out more about what the GeoSpock Spatial Big Data Platform v2.0.0 contains, you can find out in the release notes.

Read the release notes

But this is just the tip of the big data iceberg.  Later this year, we’ll be releasing our authoring process, giving you complete control of your big data - ingest your own data, create a visualisation of it and share it with your colleagues - imagine the possibilities, all within your grasp...

But if you can’t wait, and you like to know more now, contact us on or visit

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