July 2020

Performance report (I): Transforming extreme-scale data: from challenge to asset

The exponential rise of the global Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem is leading to an explosion of geospatial data. Extreme data is fast becoming the norm – with gigabytes surpassed by terabytes, which are already being replaced by petabytes, and even exabytes.

As organisations seek to measure, analyse and understand more and more aspects of their operations, it's vital they reinvent their approach to big data and information management – otherwise they risk being swamped by the ceaseless increase in the volume of data.

The infrastructure in which data is housed, organised and managed is as important in realising enterprise-scale digital ambitions as the raw data itself. But legacy systems are simply not equipped to deal with the extreme data age.

That's why we have created GeoSpock DB – a revolutionary new approach to extreme-scale data management, designed specifically for high performance and future scalability. Hosted on affordable commodity hardware, GeoSpock DB enables organisations to explore and gain insights from massive geospatial datasets at previously unattainable speeds.

The modern database is much more than a simple data store. It is a dynamic information hub at the centre of an organisation’s digital infrastructure. Just like their physical infrastructure counterparts, the best databases are enablers, facilitating the flow of data – and insights – across an organisation as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The two major flows of data which are critical to all database operations are ingest and query. Both require interaction with high volumes of data – and, for maximum performance, both must occur at speed without driving up costs.

When it comes to ingest, GeoSpock DB enables terabytes of data to be incorporated so quickly – and in such a cost-effective way – that it completely changes an organisation’s interaction with data. No more downsizing or aggregation, removing data before it even has a chance to generate value. All data can be made available in one place, in the blink of an eye.

And when it comes to querying, GeoSpock DB enables even the most complex questions, on the largest datasets, to be answered more quickly and affordably than ever before – ensuring the critical information needed to make evidence-based decisions is there when you need it. This unique performance redefines the organisational approach to data analytics – underpinning innovation and providing insights to tackle the most difficult problems.

To put things into context, GeoSpock DB enables extreme-scale data equivalent to an entire year of citywide traffic events to be ingested in less than a single overnight run. That same data can then be queried with equally extreme speed and efficiency, returning results from billions of rows of data in less than the time it takes to buy a cup of coffee. The query will cost less than a cup of coffee too.

And its scalability means that, when data volumes increase, GeoSpock DB can be relied on to deliver the same high levels of performance – transforming your extreme-scale data from an organisational challenge into an asset.

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