August 2017

Data Explosion

One of the biggest technology problems we see today concerns data. Simply put we are generating more data than current systems can handle.

Recent years have seen the explosion in data generation and the trend is only going to increase. The complexity of this issue cannot be understated - it is a giant problem that is only going to get bigger.

Indexing the web was thought to be an unconquerable task only 20 years ago. However, the web is largely static and vastly more simple when compared to the highly-dynamic, highly-complex physical world. Unfortunately, it is this physical world that is responsible for a large amount of the data explosion that we are currently seeing.

Current solutions attempt to solve this problem by attacking it head on - unfortunately, this leads to very complex and very brittle solutions which are only built to handle the scale of problems at the time of design.

GeoSpock’s approach to a solution is very different, but is actually a very simple one: we figure out how to break a single very complex problem into millions of very easy-to-solve problems.

Each of these problems can be attacked individually and, most importantly, in parallel. This allows us to take full advantage of recent cloud infrastructure to create a solution which is not only infinitely scalable but one that can be tuned to hit different cost-performance characteristics.

Effectively, once the hard part of dividing a problem has been completed - conquering it becomes much easier. Also, because of the clever ways we have approached the solution, we can use much much cheaper archive-grade storage and commodity hardware whilst get vastly better results than other solutions relying on the latest and greatest (prohibitively expensive) in-memory or GPU-hosted technology.

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