June 2020

Become a partner: accelerate access to valuable insights in your data

Become a partner: accelerate access to valuable insights in your data

We're on a mission to reinvent how big data is organised. But we can’t do it alone. Partners are crucial for realising the benefits of GeoSpock DB – our unique extreme-scale space-time database that delivers rapid insights at a fraction of the usual cost.

When it comes to transforming data into smart real-world decisions, we work with organisations ranging from local and national governments to big and small enterprises, start-ups – and everything in between.

What all our partners have in common is their desire to accelerate access to valuable insights hidden away within their vast data sets.

Local authorities navigating the road to smart cities want to discover why congestion is only affecting certain streets, for example, or how street lighting affects the type of crime in an area.

Carrier service providers are keen to stand out from their competitors by spotting new business opportunities and challenges in the unprecedented volumes of data being generated by connected devices – anything from supply chain efficiency to remote asset management.

Meanwhile, transport and logistics operators know that day-to-day survival is not enough – they need to optimise their operations and innovate to stay ahead of the game. They see the benefits of using the vast data resource at their fingertips to transform the way they work – whether that's tracking vessels and cargo to uncover suspicious activity or estimating maintenance requirements and workflows more accurately.

For datatech companies, the challenge is to transform the mountain of data generated by programmatic advertising into a goldmine of opportunities that will accelerate their business growth. They are keen to transform their audience segmentation and targeting, behavioural analytics, campaign measurement, machine learning effectiveness and more.

Regardless of how you partner with us, our focus is on driving better decision making by including all data in your analytics. We want to enable you to succeed and change the world of time, space and device querying.

There are three ways to engage with us:

  • Integrating with your platform – discover how easy it is to integrate GeoSpock DB into your existing AWS cloud architecture using standard connectors and tools such as Tableau or Jupyter Notebooks. Take full control of your own data, from ingest to insight, and start unlocking previously hidden value.
  • Technology partnering – our technology partners range from cloud providers and system integrators to hardware vendors and data start-ups. Together we are taking on challenges, big and small, that need fixing. If you are a supplier or participant in large-scale data solutions, we can guide you and help with bespoke research, analysis or data science services.
  • Development acceleration – we know that many early-stage companies and curious data pioneers are keen to get their hands on GeoSpock DB in a sandbox environment. That’s why we have introduced a developer package to simplify and accelerate the introduction of our product into the broader marketplace – and, of course, to give you the chance to see for yourself how fast and efficient GeoSpock DB is.

So what are you waiting for? In the words of former Starbucks leader Howard Schultz, success is best when it's shared…

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