Making GeoSpock DB work for you

It’s easy – connect GeoSpock DB with data analytics tools you already use – or use GeoSpock DB to power new applications

Output formats for fitting GeoSpock DB into your data analytics workflow

GeoSpock DB supports the connection of any third party tools into the database using JDBC or ODBC drivers, giving you full flexibility in your data workflows – so you can use the tools that work best for you.

Some examples of tools that are supported

  • BI tools - e.g. Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, etc.
  • Jupyter Notebook
  • Apache Spark™
  • Visualisation libraries - e.g., CesiumJS, etc.
  • An NPM module to power querying via Javascript browser apps
  • ...or build your own

Information about the integrations supported by GeoSpock DB can be found in our documentation, or the public GitHub repository where we provide sample code to help get you started.

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Super-charge your data tools with GeoSpock DB

Connect GeoSpock DB to any BI tools used by your team, including Tableau, Power BI, QuickSight, and more! Get the power you need from GeoSpock DB through tools you already love.

Use GeoSpock DB to power data science tools like Jupyter Notebooks for Python and Zeppelin Notebooks for Apache Spark. Surf your data on the fly, without worrying about waiting for hours to get the answers to your data questions.

Bring your data to life by integrating GeoSpock DB with libraries to help visualise your data. Present and explore data intuitively using maps, models, and visual interfaces powered by GeoSpock DB to show the real-world context behind data-driven decisions.

Input formats for ingestion

GeoSpock DB supports the ingestion of datasets in the following formats, with or without compression:

  • TSV
  • CSV
  • JSON Lines
  • Parquet

For more information about preparing your data for ingestion into GeoSpock DB, refer to our documentation.

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