Building the world's first Advanced Global Maritime Geospatial Database

Helping the maritime industry to digitally innovate in the face of change

Market clarity through data insights

The database will harness essential global information vital to the maritime sector and will enable organisations to access robust, consistent and trusted data.

Interrogating this multi-layered real-time data will allow businesses to gain insightful intelligence and move closer towards adopting a data-first strategy.

Data-first approach

Taking a data-driven analytics approach helps improve tactical decisions such as choosing optimal routes based on weather conditions, fuel consumption and piracy risk. Integrate this analysis with bills of lading, port capacity or vessel maintenance and you can gain a clearer understanding of how trade routes are evolving over time. 

The advanced global maritime database will deliver substantial benefits for you such as:

  • access to standardised, scalable and global data 
  • more efficient operating costs
  • the ability to mitigate risks and transform challenges into opportunities

Stay informed

The Global Maritime Geospatial Database is being developed by GeoSpock, a leading spatial big data company in collaboration with the Baltic Exchange, the world's only independent source of maritime market information.

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