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Extreme scale data environments are the new normal

Explosion in data generation introduces new technical challenges standard databases cannot solve.

Access all your data, not just a subset

Today, up to 90% of all data value is being lost. Traditional database technologies simply cannot cope with scale and are therefore forced to compromise and reduce overall data fidelity. The results are often siloed and disconnected datasets, limiting your ability to solve existing problems and create new value. GeoSpock DB is unique in supporting extreme data scales and the ability to fuse data together, opening up the possibility to query all your data really fast.

Extreme-scale data indexing
Ingest and index trillions of rows.
Data fusion
Combine and analyse all your space-time-device data in one place.
Improve efficiency
Optimise and run geospatial queries faster
Future proof your querying
Reduce reliance on old technology and get ready for the future.

Overcoming scaling challenges

High cost and poor technology performance reduce your ability to solve existing data problems and create new value. 

  • Manage all your data
  • Reduce overall complexity
  • Speed up time to insight

Empower your data scientists and data analysts to work smarter, faster and be more specific.

  • Ask specific business questions through “easy data surfing”
  • Test and validate hypothesis
  • Connect to standard BI and analytics tools

Combine data from many different sources and find hidden patterns and insights. 

  • Perform analysis at multiple scales
  • Derive evidence-based business models
  • Scenario modelling

GeoSpock DB provides performance for the problems of today and the scalability for the challenges of tomorrow.

  • Scale storage (cheap), not compute (expensive)
  • Embarrassingly parallel and distributed processing
  • Separate insight cost and data complexity

Understand how the GeoSpock platform can manage your data