Explore the hidden value in your data

A fast and easy way to visualise data and spot new business opportunities

Our solution

Uncover the hidden trends in your big data using the next generation of visualisation tools. Quickly create complex multidimensional filters to reveal the insights that will take your business to the next level. Integration with data analysis tools enables you to drill down into the details – powering your business decisions.

Extreme-scale data indexing
Index for data scales for trillions of rows
Data extraction
Send CSV files directly to your S3 bucket
Query node cluster
Get faster, more detailed answers to your queries
Sub-second analytics
Enjoy map, property and time filtering with sub-second response

Empowering teams and departments to gather, analyse, and act on data insights

Combine your data layers

Combine data from different sources to find hidden patterns in your data. Find behavioural patterns of consumers by adding:

  • Points of interest.
  • Geofences.
  • Demographic data.

Share your data insights

Capture your data discoveries in a snapshot using the data exploration tool. This creates a clickable link, saved in a gallery.

The link includes the:

  • View of the map.
  • Data filters that you have applied.
  • Time range selected.

Invite others to look at this gallery and view your discoveries.

Filter data

Quickly and easily create a multi-dimensional filter by manipulating the:

  • Geographical area.
  • Time range.
  • Breakdowns by data value (filter to any specific value, or combination of values).

Then save these results in a snapshot and share using a gallery for future reference.

Visualise and break down your data

You can choose to view the data layer as:

  • A point density view, which can be coloured by any of your data fields.
  • Percentage breakdowns are always available for the values in your data fields.
  • A heatmap that works seamlessly at any zoom level to reveal distributions, and can compare two layers to reveal cold and hot spots.
  • A choropleth.
  • Tracks for each unique ID (device or vehicle).
  • Explore time trends in your data in interactive time series charts that can show event density or numeric values in your data over time.

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