Uncover secrets hidden deep within your data

Enabling you to transform your business

Our solution

Combine your data insights with existing workflows – and third-party tools such as business intelligence software – to delve deeper into your data. Use programmatic interfaces and standard query languages to interrogate and analyse your big data to discover the hidden secrets that could transform your business.

Connect to 3rd party tools
Run SQL queries on your ingested data
Export subsets of data
Analyse your data using existing BI tools
ODBC driver connectivity
Enjoy open database connectivity
Maximum interoperability
Access many databases using just one application
  • Programmatically combine your own applications with the big data indexing of the GeoSpock platform. 
  • Access to geospatial and statistical functions to further develop the insights from the data exploration tool.
  • The data exploration tool can be used to get a map area, filtered data properties and time ranges.
  • Support for SQL, Apache Spark, Python, Scala, and Notebooks.

Use a standard ANSI SQL interface to access the ingested data and geotemporal indexes:

  • Presto – a distributed SQL querying engine for big data.
  • Run queries using the query manager.
  • Run join operations and queries on large datasets.
  • Connect to your existing BI tools or extract statistics or subsets of the ingested data for further analysis.

The platform supports SQL querying using:

  • Apache Spark – a unified analytics engine for big data.
  • Looker - business intelligence software.
  • Tableau - data visualisation tool.

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