About GeoSpock

GeoSpock designs, develops, and delivers GeoSpock DB – the space-time analytics database.

Our motivations

Designing a database for the challenges of the physical world

  • Every day, vast amounts of data are generated by human activity, IoT sensors, mobile and other connected devices
  • This data is diverse, complex, and growing – existing infrastructure is already failing to cope!
  • We designed GeoSpock DB to be ready for the demands of this physical dataverse – where highly performant, highly scalable data analytics workflows are a necessity for survival and competitive edge

Broadening the data analytics arsenal by building out, not up

  • Traditional data analytics is highly verticalised, with siloed software and rigidly bound workflows limiting the full value potential of available data
  • Organisations are mired in spiraling data duplication, redundancy, and infrastructure costs
  • GeoSpock DB provides the way out – a single, flexible analytics database which serves as the platform for all your analytics needs

Our leadership team

Dr. Steve Marsh


Steve founded GeoSpock in 2013 – the impending wide-scale adoption of smartphones, IoT sensors, and autonomous vehicles was going to create extreme amounts of data that existing systems would struggle to handle. Based on his research in mimicking the human brain using biologically-inspired, massively parallel architectures – a concept still driving the design of GeoSpock DB – he set out to create technology which would unlock new real-world use cases and make data-driven decisions the norm.

He thrives on solving problems most people don't know exist yet and says GeoSpock is now uniquely placed to create a digital blueprint of the planet – providing the core tool to measure and improve physical-world systems, helping fix everything from transport and congestion in cities, to climate change and emissions globally.

Ian Hammond


A career problem solver, Ian brings 25 years of experience in operations and technology leadership roles to GeoSpock. He’s spent time at the forefront of location intelligence and mobility solutions in the private and public sectors, helping build the navigation and mapping tools which were the first step towards the connected vehicle ecosystem growing rapidly across the world today.

With a knack for getting people to work together collaboratively, Ian’s playing a critical role in bringing GeoSpock’s vision to life – and making sure we’re creating value for our customers every step of the way.

Our investors

Our global investors range from top-tier VCs to corporate-backed, strategic funds. All have bought into our vision of a connected world.

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Our global locations


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