Reinventing how big data is organised

Discover GeoSpock DB, the unique extreme-scale space-time database that delivers rapid insights at a fraction of the cost.

Indexing and querying the physical world

GeoSpock DB is a cloud-native OLAP database optimised for geospatial querying. It rests on a Cambridge-designed, groundbreaking indexing engine that effortlessly fuses different datasets together.

1tn plus
rows ingested maintaining high speed regardless of data scale
faster than competing databases, clearly outperforming others for speed of ingest and query
per billion ingested rows, logically separating storage and compute is transforming total cost querying


Create immediate business impacts by visualising multiple datasets

  • Share data insights
  • Find hidden data patterns

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Improve the user experience with quick and simple data management

  • Preview data before ingest
  • Simple data ingest process

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Boost your future business through our data analysis capabilities

  • Deeper insights with programmatic access
  • Connect to third-party tools

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