GeoSpock DB: Data Fusion for the Connected World

Simplify real-world complexity and enable contextual understanding with our next-generation database

High-performance analytics at any scale

Our unique Cambridge-built technology enables you to carry out dynamic data fusion and rapidly execute complex queries using SQL. The logical upgrade to your existing analytics technology – GeoSpock DB is built to power your data-driven future.

Dynamic data fusion
One database, many applications
Hyper-performance without the overheads
Massively parallel
Turbo charges commodity hardware
Analytics at any scale
Deterministic and linear cost-performance
Cost efficiency
No spiraling or unpredictable costs
Easy access
Use ANSI SQL for easy programmatic data retrieval
Supports standard tools
Integrate with custom or industry-standard applications
Rapid time-to-insight
Utilise parallel compute for super-fast queries
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GeoSpock DB
  • The full featured experience from the comfort of your own cloud.
  • A powerful, cost effective database designed for building flexible applications and services on spatial, IoT and connected device data.

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