From big data to smart cities

GeoSpock’s city as a platform prepares Governments and Business for the everything-connected world, enabling them to implement a ‘data first’ strategy to smart city solutions.

GeoSpock’s suite of capabilities has been specifically developed to harness the unprecedented scale of time and location data being generated from the expanding world of connected things.

This enables Cities to implement a data first strategy to smart city solutions, including moving to evidence-based decisions, producing more accurate trend and correlation analysis, building better prediction models and unlocking advanced machine learning and AI capabilities.

Use GeoSpock’s platform to reduce complexity and increase the speed at which Cities are able to deliver profound improvements to the services delivered for your citizens.

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"Data is central to the work cities are undertaking to address societal issues such as congestion, pollution and the delivery of services. Cambridge cannot do this alone and our work with GeoSpock has demonstrated the value of collaboration between the public and private sectors. Their experience of working with city data and cutting edge platform is showing how we can extract value and insights from data, driving real change."

Daniel Clarke, Smart Cities Programme Manager

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