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Interested in solving real-world data problems? Want to be part of a team producing code from day one?

GeoSpock is a next-generation data integration platform designed for organisations with physical assets creating billions, even trillions of rows of geolocational data — such as those found in the new world of smart city infrastructure and autonomous vehicles.

We are currently solving the problem of obtaining insights from event and location data at the monumental data scale that comes with monitoring connected devices on the move.

Basic Qualifications

  • You should be enrolled in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics or a related field
  • Knowledge of a relevant field of research, such as machine learning, statistical modelling, data visualisation
  • Computer programming skills with experience using Unix/Linux
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Preferred Qualifications

  • Explicit (industry or academic) experience with natural language understanding or dialogue management
  • Be an avid programmer, with extensive expertise in Python and/or Java
  • Expertise any of the following areas: algorithms and data structures, parsing, numerical optimization, data mining, parallel and distributed computing
Posted 1 year ago

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  • My time with Geospock was great - the team is very welcoming and supportive, and it felt like I belonged shortly after my internship started. The learning curve was steep, but the knowledge I gained is invaluable. I'm happy to be returning to my team during the following summer!


  • My ten weeks at GeoSpock gave me an insight into what it’s like to write real code for a real company. As well as teaching me more about software engineering than my entire first year of Computer Science they made feel welcome with numerous social activities. I look forward to returning this summer.