Smart ports are making cities logitics easier and faster due to their collected data

Major ports not embracing smart tech risk being left at sea

Smart technology, underpinned by big data, is being utilised to expand capacities at major ports across Europe and beyond, with developers in a race against the clock to ensure their facilities do not fall behind rivals in logistical capabilities. Aside from processing more than 60 million domestic and international journeys per year, a total of […]

Supercharging customer research through big data

The ability to create and address unique audiences based on consumers’ behaviours when doing customer research can give companies a vital edge in digital advertising, with the difference in campaign outcomes “like night and day”, according to GeoSpock’s VP Product Management, Ben Manning. Beyond the basics of trying to hit the right audience demographic, the […]

A photo of New York one of the highest developed sprawling urban city scapes on the planet

Smart cities need to ‘speed up’ infrastructure upgrades

Urban development planners are in a race against time to ensure they have adopted a truly smart approach before population growth stretches their infrastructure to breaking point over the next three decades, according to GeoSpock CEO Richard Baker. Over the next 30 years, the percentage of the world’s population that lives in urban environments is […]

communites are a huge part of smart cities, without the people in the community there is no purpose to the smart technology in the cities

Why it’s not only technology, but communities that make cites smart.

How community is crucial to a smart approach Cities across the world are waking up to the fact that they must engage communities – and not just integrate state-of-the-art technology and data management systems – if they are to be considered as truly ‘smart’. Arguably nowhere has this been more conspicuous this year as in […]

Smart data insights available within weeks

How long will it take GeoSpock to get me insights from my data? It can take just a matter of weeks for GeoSpock to provide smart city officials with valuable data insights that can give them the opportunity to enhance operational efficiencies across numerous areas, as well as improve quality of life for inhabitants and […]

If everyone is in the same place is it really smart parking?

Smart parking analysis can boost the high street

Cutting-edge data analysis tools are helping smart cities to predict vehicle flows into car parks on certain days, offering a significant boost in the fight to save the struggling high street with smart parking. According to a report published last year by the British Parking Association, drivers across Britain waste an average of nearly four […]

How will visual guidlines govern our future smart cities

Visual guidelines that will shape the future of our smart cities

Smart cities will be able to discover the long-term impacts of adverse air quality on public services and the health of their people by utilising GeoSpock’s state-of-the-art data management software. GeoSpock processed time series measurements of various atmospheric gas and particulate matter concentrations via 19 sensors spread across four areas of Cambridge – the company’s […]

Speedy pollution prediction tools that can save lives

Smart cities will have the opportunity to tackle life-threatening traffic pollution by predicting and acting upon vehicle flows following just a few days’ worth of data, thanks to cutting-edge pollution prediction tools developed by GeoSpock. According to the World Health Organisation’s World Global Ambient Air Quality Database, more than 80% of city dwellers across the […]

Ongoing tracking of cities air quality is proving a challenging task

Air quality data monitoring – a continuous challenge

Many may take it for granted, but clean air can make a huge difference to the quality of life of residents and the appeal of a city for tourists and businesses. Pollution in a metropolis can reach deadly levels if it allowed spiralling out of control. The so-called pea soup fog was a menace in […]

How is automotive big data helping us understand the world?

Just how much is being invested in the big data produced by driverless technology?

A new report has revealed the scale of investment flowing into data management and acquisition of automotive big data in the automotive sector. According to the SNS Telecom & IT report, released last weekend, big data investments in the automotive industry are expected to surpass $3.3bn by the end of this year. Moreover, investments are […]