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Traffic congestion: How data can deliver a smart solution

Next time you’re stuck in a rush-hour traffic jam, count the number of delivery vans and lorries you can see around you. Their drivers are sharing your frustration – and their customers are left wondering when their delivery is going to turn up. Congestion reportedly cost the UK nearly £8 billion last year, with road […]

Road traffic accident analysis reveals danger hotspots for cyclists

In a bid to ease congestion and pollution issues, cities globally have increased initiatives to ease pressure on current urban infrastructure with the bicycle becoming the blueprint. The increase in cyclists in an infrastructure designed for motorised vehicles has led to an increase in road traffic accidents. In a bid to encourage cycling as a […]

Why we need to embrace hyperscale-data to take hyper-scale climate action

This Friday – 15th March – will see the culmination of efforts to unite pockets of protest which have taken place in regions across the world, with schoolchildren taking to the streets in a global strike calling for urgent action on climate change. Politicians in the UK have also been getting behind climate action. As […]

5G technology

From dumb data pipes to big data business: why operators must get smart

When’s an operator not an operator? When it’s a powerful big data vendor. To date, only a limited number of operators have grasped this message, and instead have remained in ‘dumb data pipe’ territory. However, this looks set to change, as service providers find themselves under mounting pressure to create new revenue streams, both to […]

Poor data management

MWC19, historic Barcelona, and the future of smart cities

What are we looking forward to at MWC19? Let’s start by looking backward… Barcelona’s Eixample district was the architectural brainchild of Ildefons Cerdà. Its grid-like structure and wide avenues were conceived in the mid-19th century as an antidote to the overcrowding, congested thoroughfares, and poor sanitation which plagued its medieval centre. Cerdà based his design […]

How has Singapore become the smartest city

How Singapore has become the smartest city

Singapore’s reputation as one of the world’s leading smart cities is beyond dispute. This year alone, separate rankings by Mckinsey and ABI Research named Singapore as the world’s No.1 smart city, while the city-state was also awarded the ‘Smart City of 2018’ accolade at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona in November. Meanwhile […]

Shedding light on energy saving in commercial shipping ports

Shedding light on energy-saving ports

Ports can slash energy costs by adopting an effective energy management program, with smart illumination sensors at major facilities across Europe and beyond helping to provide a range of valuable benefits to operators. The systems, which light up only when vehicles or people are in close vicinity, have been transformational at a number of ports […]

emergency is the current state of smart cities when using big data to plan hospitals

How data can improve healthcare in smart cities

The ability to analyze big data so possible links can be identified between health status and specific urban environments could help towards prevention and early intervention of numerous chronic conditions whilst improving efficiencies within future healthcare provision. The UK’s National Health Service faces an increasingly tough funding challenge over the next 15 years. A report […]

Smart ports are making cities logitics easier and faster due to their collected data

Major ports not embracing smart tech risk being left at sea

Smart technology, underpinned by big data, is being utilized to expand capacities at major ports across Europe and beyond, with developers in a race against the clock to ensure their facilities do not fall behind rivals in logistical capabilities. Aside from processing more than 60 million domestic and international journeys per year, a total of […]

Supercharging customer research through big data

The ability to create and address unique audiences based on consumers’ behaviors when doing customer research can give companies a vital edge in digital advertising, with the difference in campaign outcomes “like night and day”, according to GeoSpock’s VP Product Management, Ben Manning. Beyond the basics of trying to hit the right audience demographic, the […]