Bringing contextual understanding to the everything-connected world

Geospock’s location intelligence engine provides the ability to discover new insights from legacy data gathered over years of operation or extreme data from the hyper-connected world of sensors and portable assets.

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  • Media

    Gain dynamic 360 degree geoviews of customer behaviours and usage patterns agnostic to device, network or service.

  • Telco

    Go beyond traditional network planning by measuring interactions of people and connected devices on the move.

  • Automotive

    Visualise multi-modal transport networks and gain insights from predictive models that power new world services.

  • Infrastructure

    Improve asset utilisation by gaining deep insights of usage, capacity, location and environmental factors, transforming to smart infrastructure.

What can I expect?

Just some of the functionality you will be able to harness, includes:

  • Geofencing

    Specific locations or points-of-interest with dynamic radius

  • Dataset comparisons

    Correlations and comparative heatmaps across any number of datasets

  • Extreme scale

    Explore billions of rows of data in one place

  • Property indices

    View the outliers across any property with over and under indexing values

  • Track routing

    View individual paths taken and through geofenced locations

  • Advanced time series reporting

    Time trends for any filter, property and data layer

  • Sub-second interactions

    Highly intuitive and fast user experience

  • Dynamic heatmap

    For any map zooming and property filtering

  • Instant zooming

    Seamlessly explore from the holistic to the granular

  • Better insights quicker

    A hyper-connected future requires extraordinary levels of data analysis. Historical platforms simply can not cope with the scale required. GeoSpock can process petabytes of data and beyond. Welcome to the future.

  • Extreme scale

    Need to analyse trillions of data points? Working with extreme data sets? Our infin8 indexing engine can handle unlimited data.

  • Space

    Geospatial data sets are typically so large and complex that they become extremely tough to master. GeoSpock elegantly solves this challenge so you can access insights with speed and clarity.

  • Time

    Analyse all your data - not just the aggregated set - and access uncompressed insights that predict patterns and help you make better decisions.

The future of data analytics

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