Data insight at monumental scale

GeoSpock is the world’s only space & time data indexing engine built for the hyper-connected world. Intelligent infrastructure is driving the transformation of cities, logistics, networks, buildings, transportations systems and communications networks. This, in turn, is generating vast amounts of new data requiring real-time management and analytics at extraordinary scale.

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Speed at scale

Our core technology is a data indexing engine built to ingest, store and retrieve geospatial and temporal data at petabyte scale and above. The design objective is to lower cost of ownership of extreme scale data lakes and enable dynamic queries to be executed in under one second — no matter what the data volume.

  • Explosive data growth

    Enhance your architecture capability

    • Don’t allow current architecture to restrict your growth
    • Get deeper & closer to all your data
    • Petabyte-scale ingest & interactive analytics

  • Data led decisions

    Unlock the value of your data

    • Sub-second data interrogation
    • Analysis & correlation across all your data
    • Integrate with complex workflows

  • Data intelligence

    Intelligent mapping engine

    • Design intelligence from the dataset manager
    • Propagate out from deep insights & predictions
    • Control & protect as a design principle

  • Answer tomorrow’s questions

    Flexibility to ask any question at any time

    • Multi-dimensional relationships maintained
    • No data aggregation
    • Highly optimised index

  • Extreme scale

    Need to analyse trillions of data points? Work with exabytes of data? Our infin8 indexing engine can handle unlimited data.

  • High volume ingest

    Designed for transactional systems ingesting billions of new events per day.

  • Ease of use

    Our illumin8 data visualisation tool uses intuitive mapping controls to visualise large amounts of data in an easy-to-use web interface.

  • Interactive results

    Use live filtering to find new relationships in data lakes previously too large to analyse.

  • Get more from your data

    Save time and resources, and create more value from your data by leveraging Geospock's innovative data intelligence toolset.

    • Gain a competitive advantage with ground-breaking, revenue generating, technology
    • Create profitable outcomes first time and interactively test and validate your data – so analysts can develop powerful predictive models
    • Deliver value to your customers, and to every department in your business. From the C-suite down

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  • Accelerate your advantage

    Apply ground-breaking technology to make better informed decisions and gain a competitive advantage. Innovate at speed.

    • Use our technology to accelerate your advantage by augmenting and optimising data assets, inventory and tools
    • Leverage our world-class engineering talent, and sophisticated toolset, to evolve, scale and meet your current and future data needs

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  • Unlock extreme data

    Our tools allow you to conquer data beyond the trillion point petabyte scale.

    • Proprietary technology reduces query response times from hours to milliseconds, so you can make better decisions, faster
    • Interactive visualisation tools will unlock the real-time insights you need from data

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