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GeoSpock makes big location data work for you

If you need a geospatial database that works at scale, in real-time, we’ve got the solution

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Speed and scalability, straight out of the box

Move your location data to our cloud-based database service, and enjoy easy searching and tracking with consistently high performance. Store billions of locations, and hit us with thousands of concurrent updates every second: performance won’t drop, and the service won’t go down. And because we’re cloud-based, there’s no expensive infrastructure for you to maintain.

How much faster is GeoSpock?

Check out our performance test to see how GeoSpock compares with a traditional cloud-hosted NoSQL database under heavy load.

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Equip your product to deal with anything, effortlessly

Building a location database to deal with a rapidly growing data set, or high peak loads, or both, takes a huge investment in time, effort, and ongoing maintenance.

Let GeoSpock take care of that for you, and focus all your effort on your product. You can be confident that behind the scenes, our database will handle the traffic from a huge product launch, massive ongoing growth, or anything else you throw at it.

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